The Poker Brat! Hellmuth, the Poker Brat!

  • He was born in Madison, Wisconsin. His father left when young Phil was born, finding work too difficult, so his father took care of the household. The family refrigerator wasbroken twice a week and the family moved to different homes.
  • During those difficult years, Poker was what young Phil called a “money loser”. He was, in fact, a compulsive gambler. He did not play with the rent money, he worked with only that amount. He managed to get away with it, but not withoutsplitting the family wallet too.
  • By the age of 17, Phil was playing high limit games, and was always very good and very far ahead of the games. He was a student of poker at that time. When he was 20, he won $50,000 in a single night. That was also around the time that he started playing professionally.
  • A few years later, Poker was already among the favorites of the crowd. People were particularly impressed with his dealing, his bluffing, his clock-stopping skills. He soon got the nickname Hellmuth for his amazing pre-flop reads.

Hellmuth finished in 1990 the inaugural World Series of Poker.


He was key in establishing Las Vegas as the new hot spot for organized poker playing. And Baseball Willis was born again in the year 1992. This time the legend won $ Serviceman of the Year Award for saving $1,300 during a poker game with his landing-in-the-pocket move. He also got the nickname Hellmuth for his almost unbelievable pre-flop play.

Reviewing his style of play, one can easily say that he is the perfect fit to the criteria of the Poker Brat!

  1. Though there are many poker players who would agree with the boring statement that Phil Elwood is one of the weakest players in the poker history, his style of play style is unlike that of other players. This is the reason why he was called the “Poker Brat”.
  2. Phil has appeared in the European Poker Tour in 2004, in the World Poker Tour in 2005, and in the World Poker Tour Europe in 2006. This time he was in the group of Poker Brat, with Phil Ivey, Barry Greenstein, and John Juanda. As expected, this group did not last for long; Phil was eliminated in the very first round due to a very strong pull of A-K. However, Phil made a strong showing in the second day of the United States tournament of 2007, defeating Ivey and Greenstein to become the champion.
  3. This great performance of Phil proves that the skills you have and the tricks you know, are really a double-edged sword. When you know all the secrets and you act confident at the table, that makes you the only player who can win the pot. But when you start playing and loose, all that falls to you, is the knowledge of your familiar tricks, and tricks that only you understand.

Betting is a really tricky part to master. Betting should be used in combination with your other skills so that you can achieve results. If you are an experienced hand, you can play tight and play aggressive at the same time. If you are a beginner, you have to start experimenting with different types of hands to find one that you like the most.

Poker Brat

As a beginner, you have to bet aggressively if you want to win a pot.

However, most of the time, other players are expecting you to be even more aggressive. Don’t be aggressive against weak players. He will call your bets with any hand, so just let him do the betting and don’t try to outplay him. Understand?